Top10 free live wallpaper for Android

Free live wallpaper for Android. Wallpapers has a major position in the graphic features. There are very different types of apps for Android smartphone wallpapers. But some  of  apps do not having good features and facilities,and also some apps not supporting under Android 2.1 version smartphones. Android wallpaper apps have variety of functions, like, in Aquarium Free Live Wallpaper we can feed the fish by taping or touching in the scree, in Galaxy S3/S4 Live Wallpaper, we can touch or tap the screen to see water drop effects. Here, we are introducing some new list of android free live wallpaper apps. Read and choose the best app for your Android smartphone.

Top 10 free live wallpaper for Android..!


Aquarium Free Live Wallpaper

Smooth and awesome wallpaper app. Latest version is 2.0. It requires Android 2.1 or better. We can feed the fish by giving a double taping in the screen. Full option support in landscape and portrait modes. Size is 3.9 Mb. 

Aquarium Free Live_ Wallpaper



Aquarium Free Live _Wallpaper Aquarium Free Live _Wallpaper Aquarium Free Live _Wallpaper

Download AquariumFreeLiveWallpaper


Galaxy S3/S4 Live Wallpaper

This beautiful, awesome wallpaper tested in Sony Xperia s, HTC,Nexus 7 and also in my Samsung Galaxy S3. Waterdrop effect is included,please enable in settings. You can touch or tap the screen to see the waterdrop effects.Latest version is 1.3.5, released in 6 April 2013. Size is 2.4Mb. To use this app, you requires Android 2.1 or better.

Galaxy S3/S4 Live _Wallpaper


Galaxy S3/S4 Live _Wallpaper Galaxy S3/S4 Live _Wallpaper Galaxy S3/S4 Live _Wallpaper

Download GalaxyS3/S4LiveWallpaper


Koi Free Live Wallpaper

A smooth and realistic wallpaper for Android 2.1 or better smartphones. Released in April,2,2013 with version of 1.5. Size is about 3.2 Mb. Our tablets and phones are supporting in landscape or portrait modes.  To feed the fish,double tap in your screen.

Koi Free Live_ Wallpaper


Koi Free Live_ Wallpaper Koi Free Live_ Wallpaper Koi Free Live_ Wallpaper

Download KoiFreeLiveWallpaper

Bubble Live Wallpaper

Bubble live  wallpaper features are, smooth edge of a bubble, bubble counting, reverse bubble accelerations, can change number of bubbles, 7 bubble colors, custom image for bubbles.  Latest version is 2.1.7, requires Android 2.1. Size is about 1mb.

Bubble Live _Wallpaper


Bubble Live _Wallpaper Bubble Live _Wallpaper Bubble Live _Wallpaper

Download BubbleLiveWallpaper

Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper

Latest version is 3.2. Requires Android 2.2. Features are cloud movings, tree silhouette, flying birds and rainbows. In settings screen we can control speed, directions.

Sun Rise Free Live _Wallpaper


Sun Rise Free Live _Wallpaper Sun Rise Free Live _Wallpaper Sun Rise Free Live _Wallpaper

Download SunRiseFreeLiveWallpaper

 Snowfall Free Live Wallpaper

Main feature is the falling snows,swaying pine trees, full support in landscape mode. Requires Android 2.1, with version of 2.2. Size about 2mb.

Snowfall Free Live _Wallpaper


Snowfall Free Live _Wallpaper Snowfall Free Live _Wallpaper

Download  SnowfallFreeLiveWallpaper

Blue Skies Free Live Wallpaper

Latest beautiful 3D    wallpaper. Current version is Android 2.1. Size is 1.5 Mb. Full support in landscape mode, home screen switching are the main facilities. 

Blue Skies Free Live _Wallpaper




Blue Skies Free Live _Wallpaper Blue Skies Free Live _Wallpaper

Download BlueSkiesFree LiveWallpaper

Nexus Revamped Live Wallpaper

Nexus Revamped live wallpaper latest version is 1.99.04. Requires Android 2.1 or better. Size 926 kb. Features include, speed controls, multi touch facility, spawn density, supporting languages are Danish, English, French, German, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish & Swedish. 

Nexus Revamped Live _Wallpaper




Nexus Revamped Live _Wallpaper Nexus Revamped Live _Wallpaper Nexus Revamped Live _Wallpaper

Download NexusRevampedLiveWallpaper

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper


Last update in February 2013 with version of 0.6.11. Requires Android 2.1 or more. Size 287kb. Features are, change wallpaper by double tapping, by time interval, show pictures from folder and more.

MultiPicture Live _Wallpaper MultiPicture Live _Wallpaper

Download MultiPictureLiveWallpaper

 Heart Live Wallpaper

Requires Android 2.1 or more. Size 1.1 Mb. Features are, we can change quality of  hearts, change heart speed, no lag, low battery drain. 

Heart Live _Wallpaper Heart Live _Wallpaper

Download HeartLiveWallpaper


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