Top 5 Free Music Player for Android

Anything for free is not good ! This is an old thought now a days free things are better than paid versions ! Today I am going to show the top Five  music players. That you must give a try ! Music players from basic needs to iTunes replacement are available free in google play . Also many paid apps are available that provide extra functionalities . Free apps satisfies you and you need to support developers you can upgrade some  application .

An Android phone is not just a phone today it is Our Consol ! It is our Home Theater !! The android device plays a big role in our day to day life . And Medya playback is Most important features .In built player is More than enough now a days . Here is my selection of  Top 5 Music Player for Android.

Top 5 Free Music Player for Android

#5)  Xplay music player

The player is a handy music player for android with an equalizer visualization, management of your playlists and music library.
Browse your music library and playlists upravelnie (delete, edit, create). Playing in folders. Gorgeous design. Analyzer with the ability to save presets, create and edit presets. Effects Bass bust, Virtualizer- Ability to edit the tags. – Two lock screen widget widget and four desktops. Six types of visualization. Many options allow the player to tune for themselves for every taste. Operation with headsets (three-button single-button, and). Rating system. Control the volume using the buttons.


Download Xplay From Google Play

#4)  Android Music Player

By JRTStudio This is free but more advanced and slick music player, JRT Studio’s newest music player, Rocket Player, which includes a built-in equalizer, genre view, lock screen support, and more!

This is a very basic and less resource using the application ! So For travelling people with a very basic requirement This is a very good option.


Download JRTS Music Player From Google Play

#3)  doubleTwist Player

ITunes killer ! We can Sync music (including iTunes playlists) to your phone from your Mac/PC over USB or AirSync over WiFi.  Best all-in-one music, podcast, radio, video & sync app


Download doubleTwist From Google Play

#2)  Winamp

Now you can play, manage and sync music from your Mac or PC to your Android device. Winamp for Android offers a complete music management solution (2.1 OS & above) featuring wireless desktop sync (latest Winamp Media Player required), iTunes library import, & access to thousands of internet radio stations with SHOUTcast.


Download Winamp from google play

#1) Google Play Music

The Google Play Music app lets you listen to your music collection anywhere. All your music is stored online, so no need to worry about syncing or storage space.Music purchases from Google Play automatically appear in the app.Add up to 20,000 more songs from your personal music collection on your computer for free. Access your entire music library instantly with the Google Play Music app, and save your favorites for offline playback.Share a free full play of the songs you purchase from Google Play with your friends on Google+.


Download Google Play Music From Google Play 


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  1. Ravi says:

    Hey Vihnu, this list is totally worthy. However, I would love to see more music apps from the Android play store in the list. For eg. N7 player, Musicmatch, Poweramp and more.

    No matter whether they are free or not!

  2. John says:

    Hey guys! I’m using a Smart Music Player ( ). It is very cool, light with folder browser and it supports remote control which is great for me.

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