Galaxy S2 Official Jelly Bean Update 4.1.2 I9100XXLSJ Firmware Leaked

Personally  i am waiting for this update for a long while . After SGS3 Released my phone looks ugly and i am planning to buy s3 for new UI !! But i love my phone . I give a try to various MODS  Some of them are stable but UI not good as s3 Touch wiz EX  . i was really try to mod a rom with s3 UI !! “when i was learning ” “How to MOD ” in XDA developer i got one Firmware  that is created by a basic user with  Touch wiz EX and Just Rooted Not over optimized simple one . Still writing this post i am using that rom XXLQ6 4.0.4 .




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 Let us talk about New Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Official  Galaxy S2 Firmware from SAMSUNG (Leaked)

“The official Jelly Bean JZO54K for Galaxy S2 has been leaked and is now available for download” This hot news i got after 20 hrs 🙁

i really wanna know that “Touch wiz EX” is there or not !! i hate Touch wiz 4.0 . Thank god Samsung not disappointed me !!

i got a list of new features as  expected .

  • New TouchWiz Nature UX (Same UI as of the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II)
  • Buttery Smooth Performance & Great Stability (Thanks to Project Butter)
  • Samsung’s Cloud services
  • Direct Call, Smart Stay and Pop-up Play Features
  • New Widgets From the Galaxy S III
  • 2 Home screen modes
  • New Notifications bar
  • Google Now

Most of the forums/Blogs giving very positive feedback  so i decided to take risk and going to flash my device 🙂

Here is the Download Link from SamMobile 531 MB Zip File.

Firmware Details:

Android Version: 4.1.2 – JZO54K (Jelly Bean)
Changelist: 462349
Build Date: 6th November 2012



 Flashing Instructions:
– Unzip the file
– Open Odin 3.04 or 1.85
– Restart phone in download mode (Home+power+vol down)
– Connect phone and wait until you get a yellow sign in Odin
– Add I9100XXLSJ_ I9100OXXLS1_I9100XXLS6_HOME.tar to PDA
– Add Modem / Phone file
– Add CSC
– Make sure re-partition  ticked (if pit file is selected(i selected))
– Start flash, sit back and wait a few minutes.

 OMG i have done it successfully !

 Overall experience.


Works SUPERB !

Zero Lag !

Never Got any Error Messages like “Unfortunately touch wiz stopped !”







Good Battery Backup ! (i think so , not getting empty as quick as ICS)

i think little bit low scores on benchmarks ! . but it doesn’t matter Works like charm !! Smooth as BUTTER 🙂

Many New Applications by Samsung ! (From S3)

New widgets (From s3)

New Phone App …  And Many More !!!!

Really love this Update !! Thanks for Samsung .

Everything is working fine for me now !

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  1. anjo guimba says:

    Why my battery only one day life even is not using the phone. Any body facing this problem?
    Thanks a lot

    • Vishnu says:

      No .. I dont have any problem .. overall I like this update .. Maybe next time they add svoice and voice controls …

      • salman says:

        i’ve updated to this firmware but i am unable to use online chatting apps like whatsapp, nimbuzz, etc n even youtube is not responding over my data connection. but everything is fine when connected through wifi. do you have any idea to solve this problem???

        • Vishnu says:

          Your APN is correct ? IT is connected to network data ? ask your network operator to send you the new settings ! 🙂

        • Bassam says:

          when you updated your phone , that means you have erased all data on your phone including your access points that your device using to access to the internet , so to solve this problem you have to go to setting>mobile networks>access points : and then create a new access point for using data connection

    • Seamus says:

      I unticked “motion” in settings. A huge improvement in battery life.

    • bikram says:

      me too facing such problem 🙁

  2. Yahiko says:

    for S2 GT-I9100G is ok??

  3. Yahiko says:

    Answer me!!! This upgrade is work on S2 I9100G plz!!

  4. Yahiko says:

    My phone is GT-I9100G. I like this software design. So, I install this software on my phone please help me:'(

  5. Carl says:

    WOW……….Most stable one I have used so far…..installation was seamless and works great…..Running for 2 days now and not experienced a single issue!

  6. Amirul says:

    for G version..u can u jelly bam rom..

  7. Amirul says:

    u can USE jelly bam new version..

  8. Beta says:

    Is it work korean version?

  9. qoedy says:

    is root required to upgrde?

  10. qoedy says:

    must i field the CSC n PHONE column?

  11. ajmal says:


  12. Norah says:

    I’ve just update the OS of my S2 to the Jelly Bean and the TW keeps coming over and over. I can’t even try to delete the widget that might probably be causing this issue. The time lapse between the message in the screen and the actual stop of the TW is less than 3 seconds. Thing is that this is getting very annoying, specially when I’m not even able to fix it through the mobile per se. Any suggestions on what to do?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance!!!

  13. qoedy says:

    thank u for the tips now everyone in my school they ask me to upgrade their s2

  14. Sanjay N says:

    nothing happens when i add them n click strt…. what do i do… pls Temme

  15. Jonny says:

    i have tried to update it and now my phone doesn’t reboot.It only shows Samsung galaxy s2.How can i fix it?

  16. Neil says:

    I have upgraded but now when I change screems an annoying voice tells me that I am on “screen 1 of 7”, “screen 2 of 7” etc. Where do I turn this damned thing off. It’s driving me nuts!

  17. ochiroo says:

    Hi please help me for install it. my phone samsung galaxy S2 HD LTE SCH-12OS korean version

  18. susala says:

    i have shw-m250s galaxy s2.i updated it XXLSJ Jelly bean 4.1.2.
    it’s supper b working. one error i have.
    my imei no is worng.
    network settings not comes to my phone.
    i contact my network operator.they told me yr EMEI IS WRONG.that is Siemens phone model.
    i cant understand why this.
    my APN settings not get the phone.
    plz help me

    • Vishnu says:

      You know your Original IMEI ? Then there is an easy way to restore it >> go to Xda-developers browser SGS2 Android development and search forum .
      Otherwise a samsung service center can help you with this . This is not a serious problem so they won’t charge you more $ … Thaks for visiting my blog 😀

  19. Phantome says:

    work great . ty

  20. dippy says:

    i hav s2 hd lte Shv E120L model… Is this firmware helpful for me to update my phone..???

  21. Don says:

    I have shw-m250s galaxy S2 before, I got this from Korea.. I decided to have it re program for local version GT-19100 Android version 4.0.3 Baseband Version 19100XXLPW.. It was successful I was able to use it smoothly.. Except for the lock screen ( not working)I have to download GO LOCKER.. Anyways I was wondering If I can use this Android version on my phone…


  22. Don says:

    I have shw-m250s galaxy s2 from Korea. It re program to GT19100 Android Version 4.0.3 Baseband 19100XXLPW.. I was able to use it smoothly and all Korean app including the Korean character were removed. I am wondering If I can use this new version to upgrade my unit..?


  23. kousik kamaesh says:


    Ive Got Samsung Galaxy core GT-I8262, Android 4.1.2.. Bought it 2 weeks back.. IM getting the same HOME TOUCH WIZ NOT RESPONDING.. I Gave it to the service centre and got it serviced 2 days back.. They said that they have installed some binary coding n al.. Im not sure of what they said about it.. I,m getting this issue even now.. Pls suggest me some solution.. Its really bugging me out..!

  24. Azmat says:

    I have a korean version of SAMSUNG GALAXY S2. Recently I did factory reset and accidently lost the IMEI and now it is no more a phone but a media gadget. Please help me to restore the imei.

  25. jj says:

    download link isnt working……

  26. Mohammed says:

    I have a samsung gt i8262, i have already factory reset it more than three times. but i am unable to use mobile data on it.
    it was working fine previously.

  27. shahul hameed rizwan says:

    Mr. Don can i get the korean version 4.0.3 link. please help me.
    Thanks in advance

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