Top free VoIP apps for Android

Today we are going to discuss about VoIP apps for our Android Smartphones.  VoIP apps are those using mainly for the communication process, a transmission process and more.  We can make international calls, cheap rated calls, free calls or through buying some credits.   Transfer files and many more features are inside in these types of apps. These processes through our IP  addresses. So we need an internet connection or WIFI network in Android phones. When we try to download or  install the apps, there is a chance to get crashes or errors in our Android Smartphone. Try to download these types of  apps, after reading some articles like this. The top VoIP apps are, WiCall, CSipSimple, Vox Mobile VoIP, Zoiper and Mobile VOIP. These apps are included here according to its rating and user reviews.


Top free VoIP apps for Android



One of the cheapest app, that is released in April 18 2013 with version of 5.2. Requires Android 2.0 or better. App size 5.6MB.  Features include, we have to connect through 3G or WIFI to make a call, prepaid service with no plan, Good call quality. Nice features for Android smartphone like history and search our phone book,one of the best WIFI call app. If you are interested you can download. Link is just under the app screenshots.




WiCall WiCall WiCall

Download WiCall


Latest version of CSipSimple released in January 15 2013. High performance with simple features, call filtering facility,secure call, echo cancellation, latest themes, best of one  all I’ve tried. In the latest version there is Android 4.0 capability, support of TLS, SRTP, ZRTP. We can use this app in our Android smartphone without any confusion. No crashes while loading, works perfectly..




CSip_Simple CSip_Simple unnamed (5)

Download CSipSimple

Vox Mobile VoIP

Updated in April 15 2013 with version of 2.0.5. Download size is 11MB. Features are, high quality voice, no monthly contracts, multiple account supporting, unlimited voice free calls, free messaging services, call filtering, call recording, multiple number supporting, support of up to 60 SIP service providers and more.

VoX Mobile_ VoIP



VoX Mobile_ VoIP VoX Mobile_ VoIP VoX Mobile_ VoIP

Download VoXMobileVoIP


The latest version is 1.14.4, updated on April 22 2013 with the required operating system of Android 2.1 or better. Main features are, 3G calls support, better audio quality, sends DTMF, multitask support for our phone, support of the Bluetooth, dialer integration, g711 supporting facility, Integration with the native android contact list.






Download Zoiper

Mobile VOIP

The current version of Mobile VoIP is 3.90. It requires Android 2.0 or better Smartphone to work perfectly. Mobile VOIP helps us to make cheap national or international calls.  After the simple installation of Mobile VOIP and making an account at, we can use the following features in our Android Smartphone. Through mobile VoIP dialer we a make free international calls, use our contact from  phones, 3G or WIFI calls and more. The app size is up to 3.7 MB. If you are interested download it.



Mobile_VOIP Mobile_VOIP

Download MobileVOIP

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