Galaxy S5 Release Date & Specification New features !

Galaxy s5  The upcoming Android Smartphone from Samsung. Most Samsung fanBoys are already looking Galaxy S5 Release Date & Specification including me, for enhancing new experience and Unique Identity  in the Smartphone world Samsung is working Hard .According to the rumors,this Smartphone will be released Q2 of 2014 . Often we could expect a lot of  new features in  Galaxy s5.  Google Released an Android Update Version 4.3 through their new 7 inch Nexus Tablet.  This is a very early stage to discuss about galaxy s5 . There are a lot of tech sites are posting their dreams about Galaxy s5 . In this post I am not going to predict any features from my dream , This post is about  a possible update we can expect in galaxy s5 from a normal user point of view .

Samsung Galaxy series is Extermily Popular now so we cannot expect a radical change . That means samsung will continue their design style and Skin features (TouchWiz UI) until their  popularity Graph goes down . We Know Samsung makes their first success with Hardware Specs Bump  when comparing to other similar Smartphones  .After that they added Many software features . Many people dislike samsung because of cheap design , so we can expect a metal body ?  Galaxy s4 is a Best phone but still there are  room for Improvements What are they ? What we can Expect ? From SAMSUNG in Next Galaxy SuperphoneThe GALAXY S5“.

Galaxy S5 Release Date & Specification New features !


Samsung Galaxy s 5  Design Improvements.

After using plastic as casing for so many of its devices, South Korean tech giant Samsung is reportedly planning to use metal for the next model of the Galaxy S5. The basis of the speculation is a Samsung patent filed in Seoul in 2011 and registered in the U.S. In 2012. According to Patent Bolt, the upcoming S5 would have a sharply angled metal case.

Galaxy S5 Metal Body

HTC ONE and other popular android phones have a better build Quality and Unibody Construction so we can expect a metal case  . But one of the important selling points of the Samsung is Removable Battery and Expandable storage . So I would expect this Two features  in All Future Galaxy Smartphones Until Battery and storage Get Virtually UNLIMITED .

Or Somthing Like This ?


Samsung Galaxy s 5 Processor

In Galaxy s5  We can Expect a new processor  Exynos 5 Octa (5420) With ARM Mali-T6xx GPU and a 4GB RAM. New Samsung Exynos 5 Octa  Will have 20% more CPU power, twice the graphic capabilities .



Galaxy S4 has been a future proof  Smartphone with more than enough resources . Android Applications currently on  Google Play Can Utilize this wonderful hardware ? That is a big Question All the time .

Samsung Galaxy s 5 Camera 

Galzxys4 camera is good enough but has poor low light performance so samsung will upgrade it to the Ultrapixel camera like HTC or a better camera with decent Low light performance . Also we can expect some GALAXY camera added  software features . Still Galaxy camera is an  in industry leader software features .


So we can expect a 16 Mega Pixel Updated camera .

Galaxy S5 Display (Green LED?)

Samsung is an industry leader in IPS panel and OLED technology , They already invented foldable screens and Ultra Low Power consuming Display with improved viewing angle and Brightness .

I think there is no Foldable screen , but an Improved Screen that consume low power will be there for Galaxy s5.


Other Improvements

In general we can expect 32GB as base model , Improved TouchWiz , More ” S ” software features , Better battery, Improved front facing camera , more gimmicky software and sensor features, Latest Android OS With Samsung Touch Wiz .

Dual SD-Card slots ? Probably Not there will be a 128 GB version with SD card slot .

The samsung galaxy s5 maybe the next overhyped tech of 2014 . Over expectations actually kill the product . Don’t forget to Like our Page on Facebook , Follow us on  Twitter and subscribe to our feeds .

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