Best Antivirus for Windows 7

Now a days everyone is searching for a best antivirus. People want a good and a consistent antivirus which updates regularly and detects new viruses which try to enter into your system. but most of them do a search “Best Antivirus for Windows 7” and download pirated version !

Antivirus regularly need update. each update add new virus database , Mostly  pirated version cannot get update ! so it not good to install pirated stuff !

Do you know the actual price of best antivirus ? ! then you will buy it because it will protect you always as a safe guard of your computer , here are some list of leading antivirus and its price in INR .

Which is Best Internet Security  Or  Antivirus ?

Mostly Internet Security is an advanced solution . It is  total protection of your computer because it comers with standard antivirus , anti spam , internet security applications e.t.c , if your pc is not connecting to internet you need just an antivirus , A regular internet user Must have an Internet Security. 

Say No to pirated version and buy genuine !

#1) Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 Special Edition 3 PC 1 Year


kaspersky internet security 2012





 Price:   Rs. 907 INR  (approx. 16$)

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#2) Quick Heal Internet Security 2012 2 PC 1 Year



 Price:   Rs. 1238  INR  (approx. 23$)

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 #3) Norton Internet security 2012 3 PC 1 Year





  Price:   Rs. 2094  INR  (approx. 37$)

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#4) McAfee Internet Security 2012 3 PC 1 Year


mcafee internet security 2012




 Price:   Rs. 2099  INR  (approx. 37$)

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#5) Panda Internet Security 2012






   Coming Soon

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#6) Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 1 PC 1 Year

 Price:   Rs. 394  INR  (approx. 7$)

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Personally i am using Kaspersky Internet Security .  past 5 years i am using Kaspersky i never got any issue ,  never ever i lost data due to a Virus Attack ! Thanks for Kaspersky Labs . 


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