Windows 8 On Dell XPS M1530 (Download All Drivers) 64 Bit

Hello World , Today (Jan 1 2013) I successfully installed windows 8 pro with media center  on my four year old DELL XPS M1530 !

I got this laptop in the late 2008 Pre Installed windows vista Home premium ! That was a big tragedy . But later I upgraded to windows 7. Really windows 7  were unleashed the full power of this desktop replacement CRAP ! (Now it is 2013 so Net book replacement !!! )


My XPS M1530

My Custom Configuration

Core 2 Duo T9300 Processor

3GB Ram 800 MHZ

256 MB DDR3 Nvidia 8600M GT

320 GB 7200 RPM HDD

Ultra Sharp HD Display @ 1440×900

Finger Print Reader e.t.c

Installing Windows 8 

i was using windows8 developer preview for a long time . But I didn’t care about things does not work. Example Touchpad gestures  , IDT audio functions etc.

Really A Problem Starts here for finding working drivers ! But Thank god i got Almost all drivers !

Here is the list of hardware drivers I used after installation .

Just Download and Install them Enjoy Windows 8 .

1) Sigmatel IDT Audio Driver

Very Hard to find a working driver for IDT devices . The company have a website but there are no drivers (I can’t find)

Thank god Most of the windows7 & Vista Drivers are compatible with Windows 8 !


Download Sigmatel IDT Audio Driver For Xps M1530


2) Dell Alps Touchpad

Dell Never Release Any Driver for Windows7 ! But the company still supporting the device and making driver for HP and other brands even for dell in other models .

I found a fully working one here is it .


Download Dell Alps Touchpad Driver For Xps M1530


3) Dell Finger Print Reader Driver

This one is easy to find . Windows 8 will give us directions


Download Dell Finger Print Reader Driver For Xps M1530

4) XPS M1530 Bluetooth Driver for Windows 8

This part of hardware will not work (install never find hardware) just press cancel and restart !! i will start working

Download Dell Bluetooth Driver For Xps M1530
5) RICHO , INTEL Chipset INF UPDATE , Dell QuickSet e.t.c

This things also need if you need a perfect windows 8

Download Dell Richo Driver For Xps M1530
Download Intel Chipset Driver For Xps M1530
Download DellQuick SET  For Xps M1530

Now one thing is still not working DELL IR REMOTE (May be battery dead ) i never used that ! So I have not any problem with that !

If  you have any Questions  please ask in the comment section .

UPDATE : 2/13/2013

Latest Windows Update (a big file 150MB+) Improved My Score !! 😀 Now 5.6


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  1. Cristhopper says:

    It seems the audio driver link expired. Could you post it again please?

  2. Cristhopper says:

    Actually, none of the links work anymore U_U

    • Peter says:

      It is April 2, 2013 and I can confirm that each of the downloads published above DOES work. When you click on a link you are taken to the 4shared filesharing website. You cannot download until you register but it worked by entering fake data as no email check is required as access is immediate.

      Thank you Vishnu for doing the hard work for us M1530 owners.

  3. Tdub77 says:

    decided not to up the ram once in a 64 bit os? any reason not to go to 8gb other than cash? Im about to do all this, mine is a bit older than yours. have you had any problems with cashing on the samsung SSD? I heard that can be a problem and should be turned off on install of 64 bit os. Thanks in advance

    • Vishnu says:

      I am doing normal stuff on this laptop so 3 GB is enough for me .
      I haven’t tried but I hop there will be not any problem with SAMSUNG SSD

  4. Ahmad says:


    I could not install windows 8 on my xps m1530 because the installer requires me to upgrade my BIOS.

    How to do so?

    • Vishnu says:

      Upgrade Bios to A12 in Dell Support > Driver Downloads . You can download new A12 Bios . It is very easy to flash . jest few clicks . and a restart . Good Luck

  5. Chris says:

    Hi Vishnu, Thanks for posting this!! But I tried to download them and it appears all the links are bad. Do you have good links or if you have the files, could you .zip or .rar all of them and upload that file. Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.

  6. christopher says:

    hi It seems the driver link expired can u send them to me please

  7. Mike says:

    Thanks for all the hard work in putting this together. I’ve got an XPS M1530, and want to update the Vista that’s on it now. After reading what you posted, I think I will try this.

    I’ve copied over your seven driver files – is there anything else I need? I didn’t see a driver for the screen, which I assume I also need.

    You have 64-bit drivers. I expected I’d have to put a 32-bit version of Win-8 on the computer, but if you’re using 64, why not?

    Thanks again. (I’m now in Pondicherry for two weeks, and either I’ll do the update here, or wait until I get back to Madurai.)

  8. jerry says:

    hi there am using dell xps m1530 pc n I don’t have any driver for windows 8 pls can u add me to drop box so that I can acceses the driver

  9. Rishi says:


    I installed all drivers you shared in my XPS M1530 system. I am facing issue with Dell Quickset. It installed successfully buy tray icon of quickset doesn’t load. I did reboot and reinstalled it multiple times but still tray icon for Dell Quickset doesn’t load. I am running Windows 8 64bit.

    Please help.


    • Vishnu says:

      Now Only I Noticed! Yes, there is no tray icon for quick set for me also. But everything is working, Wifi Toogle, Touch Switches, Volume UP/DOWN etc.

      • Rishi says:

        Thanks Vishnu for your reply. Yes all touch buttons are working with quickset including WiFi catcher button at right side of the laptop. Seems Dell quickset service is working normally as it should except that try icon which enables some additional features with context menus. Let me know if you find solution for this.

        Again thanks Vishnu for all drivers

  10. Paul says:

    I’ve got an XPS M1530 (BIOS A-12). It came with Vista(x64), clean installed to Windows 7(x64), clean installed to Windows 8(x64), but will not install Windows 8.1 from the Windows store. It does the complete download, but never installs, never reboots, never restarts. After a manual reboot, the Windows Store shows that the Windows 8.1 update is available. Any suggestions.


    • Vishnu says:

      I have downloaded and updated to 8.1 from windows store itself. There was no problem for me. I think you have rebooted while processing installation. Better try again. Thank you!

  11. Brian says:

    This has been a tremendous help and saved me a bunch of time, thanks!!

  12. Raul says:

    Thank you so much for putting so much time and sharing all your work with all of us. I am gonna upgrade my XPS finally, thanks to you.

  13. Kristin at Interior Nature says:

    Hi Vishnu, do you still have these fixes gathered together somewhere? My vista became corrupted. I put in a new hard drive a yr and a half ago and somehow managed to lose the system restore point when I set up the new hard drive. This machine is still so good that I think I will install Windows 8.1. I hope for another yr and a half out of my xps m1530!

  14. Kristin at Interior Nature says:

    Oh I see! You attached all links to Dropbox. Thank you so much for sharing this. Your work lives on! I really need this machine for image processing.

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