What is Ubuntu for Android Phones Trailers And Key Note 2013

Yes Finally The BIG B in Opensource platform #1 Consumer Unix/Linux OS is Coming to your Android phones ! here is the Trailers And Key Note out in 2013


As we all know Ubuntu is the best operating system for consumer in Linux platform . Now Ubuntu is trying to make an All new computing platform fore mobile devices Especially for MOBILE PHONES and TABLETS

What is Ubuntu for Android Phones ?

Now they are trying to bring All different kinds of applications we using in PC to  a MOBILE Phone ! That is an interesting thing ! All Cloud Connected , Search Everything from any devices Today Ubuntu is everywhere and loved by Millions ! Ubuntu Desktop , Ubuntu TV , Online stores e.t.c

Today the Fact  is we are using more than one operating system 



for some reasons. Ubuntu is bringing a whole new platform that works everywhere and work for everyone Common users to Business , Gamer and Almost all type of users .

Step in to Future ! Anything is possible !!

 Yes Native apps on Ubuntu Phone Have Full OpenGL and GLES access

Like a  like a PC that fits in your pocket?

 The full PC desktop for multi-core Android phones !

Ubuntu for Android Phones Trailer

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