2013 4th Gen Intel Core Processors Time to Upgrade ?

Intel officially announced 4th Gen CPUs with this microarchitecture on June 4, 2013 at Computex Taipei 2013  The fourth generation of Core processors are based on the same 22 nanometer manufacturing process used for the third generation (Ivy Bridge), which is available now and shipping in most new laptop and desktop PCs .

So what is New in 4th Gen Intel Core Processors?

All New Socket LGA1150 , New Chipset C87 , Low power consumption (Low watt processing ) , Shared cache CPU and Graphics process , Dramatic Improvement in graphics processing (2X+ performance when compared to Ivy Bridge  ) Intel 5000 series graphics for ultra books and all in one , Same Intel 4000 (Some improvements ) for traditional Desktop processors (which use a discrete graphics mostly ) Built in voltage control inside the CPU

In Short’s words 10 to  15%+ Performance increase. 50%+ Power saving ! (VS Ivy Bridge [3rd Gen])the fourth generation CPUs cut the idle power usage of the second generation (Sandy Bridge) by a factor of up to 2X, and improve graphics performance with the onboard Intel HD Graphics engine by up to 2X.



Words From Intel IDF 2012

“The 4th generation Intel Core processor family and our new line of low-power processors will usher in an era of unprecedented innovation in mobile computing,” Perlmutter said. “Our focus to deliver even lower power with the great performance that our processes are known for being as fundamentally significant as when we shifted our development focus beyond sheer processor speed in 2001. As a result, you’ll see our customers delivering sleek and cool convertible designs, as well as radical breakthrough experiences across a growing spectrum of mobile devices.”


So This is the Time to Upgrade Your Device ?

Yes if you have a 3yr+ Old PC/Laptop . Then you will get more Than 3X to 6X Performance increment . If you have an Ivy Bridge Processor you will get Only around 10% performance improvement . For ultra book users also this processor lineup is good. So if you are going to buy a HIGH END product. Better you  wait until Haswell come out .

The New Intel 4Th Gen Processor has 2X Graphics performance . So most Ultra books have no discrete graphics card can also play good games in  playable frame rates . Hardcore gamers still need a good graphics card .

The Forth Gen lineup


So let us hop the 4th Gen will come soon and make some changes in battery backup at least  increase by 30%. A better on-board gaming and smooth HD video playback .

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