Top 8 Responsive Blogger Template 2013 [Hand picked]

Why a Responsive Design is important in 2013 People are increasingly  making use of their Mobile phone , tablet (Portable Small screen devices). They are different is size and different in platforms . so to improve user experiences  we need to design / style for each devices / platform . it very hard to make a dedicated app for different platforms . But a Responsive Design of Site/Blog will reduce 80% of the problems. and it is very easy to manage your blog/site. Write content for one platform . and the Responsive design will adapt style for different devices .

Read Google Official Blog for More about Responsive Design

In this post i am going to share my top collection of Responsive Blogger Template !  Hand picked !! FEB 2013


#1)  “Sensational a Responsive blogger template”

By Chan Deep a Young Developer from INDIA

Sensational Responsive blogger template


DEMO                                   DOWNLOAD


#2)  “Copyblogger-V2 a Responsive Blogger Template”

By Chan Deepa Young Developer from INDIA


DEMO                                   DOWNLOAD


#3) “Minimum a Responsive Blogger template

By Chan Deep a Young Developer from INDIA


DEMO                                DOWNLOAD


#4) “Incipient – A Free Responsive Blogger Template”




DEMO                                DOWNLOAD


#5) “Elite Minima -A Free Responsive Blogger Template”


DEMO                                DOWNLOAD


#6) “Helicon -A Free Responsive Blogger Template”



DEMO                              DOWNLOAD


#7) “DailyPost -A Free Responsive Blogger Template”


DEMO                               DOWNLOAD


#8) “Align -A Free Responsive Blogger Template”


DEMO                               DOWNLOAD


These are the top 8 Responsive Blogger template collection that i like most ! i hop you also like my collection . If you found / wish to add a better template to my collection. Please comment the name and link to the template !

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  1. Techview says:

    first template is rocking …wounderful post

  2. Harga Laptop Terbaru says:

    funtastic free template !!!

  3. dunia batu akik says:

    very nice template

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