Top 5 Android file managers in 2013

Android smartphone has the best ability to manage the smartphone files. File managers give us complete control in personal and confidential files. But, there are many developers for file managing apps.Every file manager apps having, it’s own variety, themes,file managing methods and modes. We have to find out that, which one is suitable for our mind and our Android smartphone. When we buying a new Android smartphone from market, the sales team reminding that, can we install or download extra applications over the internet. Some smartphones will lead to damage in operating systems, if we tried to install something new, like Antiviruses,other unknown applications. So we have to choose the right apps from the internet. Today we will discuss about top and latest Android file manager apps. Here, I will suggest some of the best file managing apps from all over the internet.

Top 5 Android file managers in 2013 !


E s -explorerES File Explorer

An awesome explorer and more simplified one  from Estrongs  .This file manger is better than preloaded versions in an Android smartphone. ES file explorer functions include,  task killer, file manager, cloud storage client (compatible with Dropbox,, Google Drive,application manager, Sugarsync, Yandex,SkyDrive Amazon S3, and Ubuntu One), FTP client, and Samba client and supporting of up to 31 languages.



Apps screenshots

Es explorer-appEs explorer-appEs explorer_app

Download ESfileExplorer


  Root_ ExplorerRoot Explorer


Another latest file manger Android app is Root explorer, for root users with the elusive data folder option. Other main functions include, search, extract and create zip files, text editing, mounting, permissions, we can send files through email and Bluetooth, xml files viewer,MD5, create shortcuts. 


Root _Explorer


 Apps screenshots

Root_ ExplorerRoot_ ExplorerRoot_ Explorer

Download RootExplorer


 OI File_ Manager OI File Manager

OI file manager apps will help us to rename, copy, move and also browsing the files from our micro SD card.  Other main features include, create, delete, move, copy of files and folders, send your files via email, view list of images by thumbnail and more.

OI File _Manager



Apps screenshots

oi oi oi

Download OIfileManager


X-plore File_ ManagerX-plore File Manager


X-plore file manager is a dual pane explorer, we can see or manage two folders at same time, like a tree. Other main features in include, google drive, SugarSync,, SkyDrive, Dropbox, built in view of images, video and audio, image zoom effect, multiselection of folders, we can share file via Bluetooth and email. 




Apps screenshots


X_plorer_ X_plorer_ X_plorer_


 X-plore File Manager

File Expert _Manager File Expert Manager


File Expert Manager is one of the ultimate app for Android smartphones. Main features and functions are the following, manage gallery, music, videos, micro SD cards, quick send, web PC suite, NFC Tapping, DLNA Sharing , Cloud Storage, App Manager, WIFI, Bluetooth file managing, image viewer, text editing, support of themes and file picking.

File Expert _Manager


Apps screenshots

File Expert _Manager File Expert _Manager File Expert _Manager

Download FileExpertManager

Now decide which one is best for your Android phone !


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